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  • Storytelling is not just about "Once upon a time".
    Give Chuck Hooper the opportunity to present, and, you will learn storytelling techniques that will help:
       * Sales reps close more deals, faster
       * Staff/analysts communicate more effectively
       * C-suite executives make powerful presentations to investors / the media
       * Instructors have higher success rates in the classroom
  • About Chuck
    • Chuck's presentations are educational, entertaining, inspirational, and, at times, a little irreverent! Each is littered with life stories used as examples of the right, and wrong, way to accomplish goals. Chuck is a professional speaker and a business intelligence consultant, specializing in data visualization analytics. He brings over 50 years of business and IT experience with him. Chuck does speaking engagements on storytelling with data, visual analytics, and, on his attempted journey from success to significance.
  • Speaker Training
    • Chuck conducts workshops to help anyone become a better presenter.
  • More of Chuck's books are coming:
    • Chuck's second book: "Tableau Analytics in the Accounting Classroom" - Due August 2017
    • Next in the '59 Minute' series:"59 Minutes to Finding YOUR Story" - Due September 2017
    • Then, in the '59 Minute' series:"59 Minutes to Great Presentations!" - Due September 2017

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